My Inspiration

I have tragically lost both of my parents. One day they were gone. I look at my children, knowing that some day, they will understand when they must bury me. My Dad passed tragically on Nov 30, 2020. Ironically this was my Parents anniversary date. They were together since they were 14 years old. In the same instance on that fateful November day I lost not one parent, but two. There was no realization of what was to come. As hard as me and my sister tried to heal my moms broken heart, it was not enough. She ended up passing on My Dad’s Birthday Jan 31, 2023.

During my Mom’s time before passing and after losing my Dad, I had purchased a camera and started to take pictures. She was captivated by them and praised me for how good they were. She encouraged me to take more and to follow my dreams of becoming an expressionist photographer. My Mom was very artistic and so am I. I just never allowed that side of me to show. Photography was different though. I didn’t seem to care.

Just before her passing, late one night I glanced over at the corner of my desk to see a few scattered SD cards. I remembered that I had taken those from my parent’s house when my Dad had passed. I decided to plug them into a computer. I seen that my Dad had taken a lot of photos throughout the years and put them on these SD cards. It was the first time I realized this. It brought on a heavy heart as I scrolled through all the pictures. Then I came across a video. It was a video my dad took of my grandparents and my mom. It was the first time I had heard my dad speak since he had passed and it was almost to much to handle. It was a video of them on holidays down in Phoenix sometime in 2009. My Dad spoke to me and my sister about how they wish we were there with them and that we will see them soon. The hair on my neck stood on end as his words reinforced a strength within me. That everything was going to be ok. It was as if he was talking to me directly beyond the grave. It was then I realized the power of a camera to capture a memory and defy time. My Mom passed not even a week or two after.
I purchased a professional camera following her funeral and have directed my full attention since to “Capture Life”

I am Dustin Ferguson. Father, husband, friend and a dam hard worker. I have always had lived my life to the fullest. I am an adrenaline junky living on the anticipation of what is around the corner. What lies ahead. Living for today…. I started out by embracing life. Taking the bull by the horns and living and loving as hard as I can. Every. Single. Day. It is only since the combination of realizing my age, fading memories of my past and the lost loved ones along the way do I feel as though I am Falling Away from life. My time is diminishing and my only hope to hang onto these moments before the last of them is gone. I do this by capturing them through the lens of my camera. Join me through my experiences in my attempt to not only share my memories, but the memories of the world around me. The spectrum of emotions I display, and you receive through my pictures are a secret that only you and I will understand but not necessarily in the same emotion, capacity, or time…

Welcome to Falling Away Photography

My prints are cast in 21 copies of various sizes and mediums of each Photograph. This is based on custom requests and my preference. Some have signatured logos in the bottom right hand corner. All have my initialled signature and #1-20 on the back. Once 20 copies have been distributed, the raw data for the photo is deleted forever. The 21st copy is always burned in an attempt to have that energy transformed ahead of the rest. Law of Conservation of Energy also known as the first law of thermodynamics and states:

“Energy can not be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another”

This speaks to the circle of life.

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